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With our focus on contract packaging, we are committed to exceeding all your expectations. Wepackit, Inc. is your direct source for packaging design and distribution from start to finish.

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Bagging and Polybagging

At WEPACKIT, poly bagging is an inexpensive and efficient method used for commercial, industrial and retail displays. The product to be packaged is placed in a polyethylene or polypropylene plastic bag which allows for merchandise protection while allowing consumer inspection and is often hung with a colorful or informative header tags or cards. Once the bag is heat sealed, the product is secure. The polybags may be clear or printed; individual units or on bulk rolls. WEPACKIT offers numerous poly bag packaging solutions, including unique custom options.

Some of the items that we can poly-bag for your company are:
• Automotive parts
• Customer-supplied parts, hardware, fasteners, stand-offs, and spacers
• Detergents and cleaning supplies
• Electronic components
• Fertilizer and plant products
• Fish food and supplements
• Filtering agents
• Kit assembly pieces
• Office supplies
• Paper goods
• Scrapbook or stationary kits
• Specialty products

WEPACKIT’s in house bagging services include the following:

• Heat sealing your product in Pre-printed bags, clear bags, combo bags, and custom labeled bags
• Post bagging weigh station for 100% accuracy
• Wide range of materials used from standard light duty to super tough, barrier bags, mailer bags, biodegradable bags, perforated bags and bags with hanger holes
• Ability to place one part per bag up to thousands per bag, multiple parts per bag, master kits and assembly kits
• Bags available in USPS certified weights to allow for usage in the US Postal system
• Fast, efficient bag runs to meet your schedule ;

Contract packaging and Bagging / Polybagging specialist

WEPACKIT can provide the right bagging solution for packaging your product. Our professionals work with you to make your packaging vision a success. We offer competitive pricing for poly-bagging your products within your specifications. We provide solutions for simple and complex kits for industrial, consumer and retail applications.


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